The next step after recording the incomes and expenses is to review them, study your spending pattern and adapt it to your financial ability.

Money Lover's powerful reporting features will help you understand where your money has been spent on. From there, you can easily plan and adjust your expenditures.


Balance indicates how much remaining money in this wallet (account). It's similar to balance of bank account.

Overview sections shows you cash flow such as total inflow and outflow and the balance of wallet.

Inflow = Income + Debt + Debt collection

Outflow = Spending + Loan + Repayment

Inflow and Outflow include "Excluded form report" transactions.

cashflow report

Full report

When tap on Overview, you can see the full report of your cash flow

Income = Inflow (cash in ) - Excluded from report transactions

Expense = Outflow (cash out ) - Excluded from report transactions

Net income = Total Income - Total Expense

Scroll down, the chart will show you the percentage of each category of Income and Expense. For example: Shopping account for 50% of total spending in this month at $1,419.

trends of expense and income

Trend & Report

Go to left menu and select Trends in Android and Windows devices. It shows you total income, expense and net income month over month or divided by categories.

On iOS device, go to Report on the Tab bar to see more. You can select time range such as this month, quarter, year and kind of report such as pice chat or bar chat.


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