After keeping track of your incomes and expenses, it is important to understand your spending behaviour. Money Lover’s reporting feature lets you review your cash inflow and outflow to plan and make adjustments to your expenditures better.

1. Overview

Reports on Android

Reports on iOS

Balance indicates the remaining amount of money in the wallet. In the overview section, you can see your total inflow and outflow of this month.

Inflow = Income + Debt + Debt Collection

Outflow = Expenses + Loan + Repayment

Inflow and Outflow will include Excluded from Report transactions.

Full report

overview of your finances

You can tap on Overview to see the full report of your cash flow

  1. Income = Inflow (Cash in) - Excluded from report transactions
  2. Expense = Outflow (Cash out) - Excluded from report transactions
  3. Net Income = Total Income - Total Expense

When scrolling down, you will see the pie charts of your expenses and income. The chart shows the percentage of each category. For example, Shopping accounts for 45% of your Expenses while Food and Beverage accounts for 22%.

2. Trend

Go to ≡ (left menu) and tap Trend. You can choose to see your Expense, Income or Net Income month over month or divided by categories.

spending and income trends

When understand your spending behavior (and total income) in a month you should think about budgeting your money and save for your future. With Money Lover's budget planner feature, it's easy for you to plan and control a monthly budget.

Let's start with a simple plan: save 25% of your monthly income and see how it works for you.

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