Recently Money Lover has received a lots of question about security of Linked Wallet feature. Does it safe or not? Is that risky to enter bank account in the app? Money Lover Team assert that Linked Wallet is incredibly safe for all users. Here we have reasons.

Entering bank ID and password into Linked Wallet login interface - SAFE

How do you log in internet banking by computer? You have to do it through a browser, right? The browser encrypts your password, remember it so you don't have to enter your credentials again. The browser is third party, allow you to access to bank's system. Similar for Linked Wallet, which connect between Money Lover and Bank, we'll need a third party, here is Finsify Hub.

Finsify Hub have the same mission with internet browser, aim to help Money Lover access to your banking history. It also remembers your ID and password in encrypted form, but securer than browser. Your credentials can not be disclosured, because it is stored securely in a separate database using high level encryption, RSA 1024 bit.

Not only Money Lover, Finsify Hub also provides connection to bank for a lot of companies, who often work with banks. They don't have to move between company and banks dozen of time a day anymore.

Automatically read banking history - SAFE

Now you don't have to worry about your credentials. And so you do when Money Lover access to your bank account to record transaction history.

Money Lover Team emphasizes that Money Lover can read-only. We do not affect anything to your bank account except for reading transaction history, with the help of screen scraping technology.

Screen Scraping or Data Scraping is a technique in which a computer program extracts data from human-readable output coming from another program. In other words, it's is a process through which the information is gathered from the Internet and is then later aggregated for some particular use.

Now we will explain the term Screen Scraping in the words that everyone can understand, even an old men who has never used computer before. Think about a public library which has hundred thousands of books. To know what the books are about, their subjects, it actually needed to be read and labeled or categorized. It seem a ton of work with enormous effort.

When applying screen scraping, we don't handle the books but the web pages. As data is in digital form, it's possible to perform all processes without any human efforts. Imagine that there is a robot can screen all pages of book at the light speed, then places books at the right shelf in the library. Screen scraping technology work like this. The best example of Screen Scraping is Google Search ( You enter the searching phases and Google shows up the search results within seconds.

Back to Linked Wallet feature, without screen scraping technology, users have to handle all tasks manually such as download bank statements, categorize transactions, add transactions' date, place, note... it's really time-consuming. But Back to thanks to screen scraping technology, Money Lover can process most of tasks automatically. It helps users download bank statements, categorize transactions, generate reports, give advices based on consumer goals and transaction history and it's totally automatic.

To conclude, Money Lover Team re-affirms that Linked Wallet is incredibly safe for all users.

  1. Don't steal your log in information
  2. Don't affect your banking data, only read

Now do you feel comfortable to experience the conveniences of technology with Linked Wallet?

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