We recommend all users to create a Money Lover account because of these following advantages.

First of all, you benefit from our free Cloud service. We take many precautions and enforce safety measures to ensure that all personal is kept confidential and secure. For example, we implemented SSL encryption (https) everywhere where we deal with personal data (Synchronization, web-based version, Log in/out, etc).

Enable Cloud

Secondly, users can using Money Lover across multiple devices. For example, with one account, you can login up to 3 devices to track and manage all expenses and incomes. Money Lover is currently available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices, and also runs on Windows 8.1 and Mac and even web at web.moneylover.me.

Thirdly, Premium users can retain account status cross devices. It means you only need to purchase Money Lover for one time, but using all Premium features on other devices or platform with no retriction.

The last but not least, user can share wallets to others in serveral specific circumstances. Your partners will be able to manage together a wallet which is used to record all grocery expense for family, expenses for a group, or a company.

Share wallet

To share wallet, please choose the specific one (on the left Menu of navigation bar). Tap to Share, then put the recipient's email and your messege before sending invitation. The recipient will be noticed via email and he or she can accept or reject it.

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