We're here to make your money management smart.

You know the basic features we offer in the free version:

_ Track and Categorize expenses and incomes (duh)
_ Visualized reports on your financial life
_ Budgets & Savings that are easy to stick to
_ Manage Debts, Loans & Payment process
_ Cloud syncing, link to Dropbox

It’s already great, if you consent to creating only 2 Wallets, 1 Budget, 1 Savings plan, and 1 Event.

You know what's smarter? Getting Money Lover Premium.


Why: There’s no limit to how you can stay on top of your money with Money Lover Premium.

The premium version helps you create unlimited wallets and events. No more racking brain between your own wallet, family wallet and different bank accounts :-)

With unlimited Budgets and Savings, you’ll be able to save money for literally anything (shoes, a limited Pandora charm, and a house, idk)

You hate ads? We understand. We exlude them from the Premium version.

It’s Science: It’s easier to remember with images. With our pic-syncing feature, you can attach that Instagram dinner picture to your expense.

We also support transaction export to CSV and Excel sheets. Best way to manage money anytime and anywhere.

Unlock Money Lover Premium to stay on top of your money for ever.