Hello, using Money Lover is so simple. To start tracking your money, you must put your current money into wallets first. Let's take a look.

Put the amount of money in your pocket into cash wallet:

Hey look, I just have put 1500 bucks in my wallet

Select All Wallets -> choose "Cash" wallet -> Go to the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen -> select Adjust Balance -> Put your current money in -> Done.

Setting up your bank account wallet

You can easily switch between 2 wallets

Select "Cash" -> choose "Bank Account" wallet -> Do the same with "Cash" wallet but put your current money in your bank account instead -> Done

Ok, from now on, you can record all the transactions everyday and enjoy looking at the intuitive reports Money Lover create for you.

Some recommendations for you to use Money Lover effectively:

👉 Create as many budgets as you can to control the money that you plan to spend

👉 Have some saving to prepare for your future purposes.

👉 Customize your Money Lover by using icon packs. Check Store in app, Money Lover gave you some free icon packs.

👉 You may consider to upgrade to Premium Version which let you create unlimited budgets, savings, events... with very reasonable price. Read more