Goal Wallet is New Money Saving Tracker tool - that helps you plan and manage your savings. Learn how to use this type of wallet.

Part 1: How to create a Goal Wallet

Step 1: Update the latest version of Money Lover

Open "App Store" & update the latest version of Money Lover on iOS.

Step 2: Creating Goal Wallet

  • Option 1: Tap "Select Wallet" -> "Add Wallet" -> "Goal Wallet"

  • Option 2: Enter "More" -> "My Wallet" -> "Add" at the top right corner -> "Goal Wallet" create-wallet

Step 3: Set up savings target

Choose currency, wallet icon, name of your wallet and fill in basic information:
1. Goal
2. The initial amount
3. Expected time to finish your goal

Step 4: Save the Wallet

Tap on the "Save" in the upper right corner to complete the wallet creating.

Part 2: How to use Goal Wallet

1. Transaction tab - cashbook

The transaction tab (cashbook) display includes:

  1. Saving target (the remaining amount, duration,..)
  2. Reminder amount needed to achieve your goal.
  3. View report details process.


2. Add transactions

To keep track your savings, adding transactions is similar with the basic wallet: press "+" green color in the middle of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. And the rest sections will be shown in the bottom.
Note: you can only add today and past transactions. Future transactions adding is not yet supported now but might be later.


Because the wallet only reserved for savings plan, therefore the "Select Category" only has 2 sections:

  • Expense: add the amount your withdrawal in the savings.

  • Income: add your deposit and interest money.

3. View Report

Tap on "View report for this period" in the middle of the cashbook screen to review your process.

The report shows:

  1. The amount Saved
  2. The amount needed to save more
  3. Deadline
  4. The Inflow
  5. The Outflow


πŸŽ‰Wish you success and have a lot of fun experiencing Money Lover. If you have any savings plan, make it happen right now, don't hesitate with it anymore πŸ€‘


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