Manage Money Like A Boss

We work on Money Lover to help more people better manage money, instead of being controlled by their money.

Money management is not easy, but you can start simply. I think you have great experience with Money Lover basic functions and I definitely believe that you will feel like a boss with Money Lover Premium.

Experience Like a Boss

Boss hates being annoyed by Ads, me too. With Premium version, you will get rid of ads totally. No more banners, no more full-screen ads and you can enjoy a beautiful app when managing your money.

no ads
Nooooooo, remove ads!!!!!!

Control Money Like a Boss

Boss needs to control money from lots of portfolios. With Money Lover Premium, you can manage in as many wallets or accounts as you want such as Cash, Bank accounts, Saving Accounts, etc. No limitation, multi currencies supported, overview reports for all incomes and expenses.

no money problem

Budget Like a Boss

Money management causes lots of headache, boss doesn't like that. You do not need budget spreadsheets to deal with them. You can plan as many budgets as you want such as Food, Bills, Transportation with one single app.

Manage Budget and Cashflow

It's not a simple budget tool but your financial assistant. It shows you a future cashflow of your money, gives you advice on how much you need to spend and keeps you noticed if you're going to overspend.

Boss has to do nothin. Just few minutes a day to update how much you spend and earn then Money Lover will help him deal with that. Upgrade to Premium and feel like a boss.

P/s: People love it too.

People love Money Lover Premium

Still don't know where to start?

Check out the videos tutorial, it will help you start using Money Lover to control over your money.

Control over your money