A 75-year study by Harvard University shows that relationships are what really keep us healthier and live longer. 19 of the original 720 participants lived to their 90s. Those same 19 folks reported the highest satisfaction in their relationships. Yes, love really is powerful. However, many times money rears its ugly head and gets in the way.

Co-managing money with others can lead to a lot of unnecessary disagreements. Imagine this scene, all too familiar: end of month, you and your partner or housemates check all past month's bills/receipts and it looks out of control. Somebody spent too much on eating out. Somebody should not have bought that Philips Super Lamp 3000. We all deserve to treat ourselves but sometimes we need to communicate clearly with each other. Now. there is a way to do that. A way that is fair and square. No hassles and squabbles.

Money Lover has released an improved version of wallet sharing to solve this problem. How will it help you?

You and others you want to manage money with can add transactions to the same wallet and easily see the spending of each person by day or month and by category. In addition, you can view a monthly total report for all members or reports for each member.

You can set and share future plans with wallet sharing feature. For couples, it can be owning a house, buying a new car, preparing for our little ones’ education, or investing for our future. For housemates or groups, it can be setting up common budget for group activities, or recording common expenses and then splitting them up later.

Happiness is a journey and it boils down to your relationships. Money should not undermine your relationships when there is a simple and smart way to do it.

See below for tutorial videos on this feature:

Video for how to share wallets on Android

Video for how to share wallets on iOS