Valentine's day is coming closer but have you found out the best gift for your girlfriend? Is it difficult for you to figure out the perfect date with her while still on a budget? If you are having the hard time, here is the solution: check out this list below!

1. A home-cooked meal

Valentine home cooked meal

Remember, it is not because you want to save money that you have to plan your dinner at home, it is because you want bae to have an unforgettable Valentine's day.

2. Sunglasses


If you want to tighten your budget, this would be a perfect gift for her. Because every girl wants to be cool when it is hot!

3. Victoria's Secret slip dress

slip dress

Do you want her to be sexy on Valentine's night? Bring her a Victoria's Secret slip dress!

4. Crossbody bag


Because she will never have enough of bags, give her one more to show your love!

5. High heels

high heels

"I think any woman can be transformed by a beautiful dress and high heels."- Linda Gray

If you are looking for a gift about $60 to $70, think about high heels shoes.

6. Kindle


Because any girl who reads is beautiful.

8. Skincare essential kits

Valentines gift skincare

If you care about her, you will know that a skincare kit would be a perfect gift this Valentine's day.

9. Face cleansing brush

face cleansing brush

Yes, you should care more about her beauty by giving her this thoughtful gift.

10. Pandora charms

pandora charm

A heart shaped charm would be a perfect gift, do you think so?

11. Marc Jacobs Daisy Kiss Perfume Kit

perfume Daisy and kiss, a perfect combination for this Valentine's day!

Note: You should be both creative and practical when it comes to the perfect gift for bae! Check your budget in Money Lover, and pick the one gift for the one!

Yes, there are ways to express your love to bae without having to breakup with your paycheck. Check your budget (once again) to decide the best gift you can afford for bae. Happy Valentine's day xoxo