Here comes the sweetest month in the year- the month of love and roses and chocolate. Have you found out what to give bae this love day? Still not? Here is the solution: check out this list!

Note: You should be both creative and practical when it comes to the perfect gift for bae! Check your budget in Money Lover, and pick the one gift for the one!

1. Phone case


If you are tightening your budget, this would be a perfect gift. Find one with a character you know he likes, or buy one for you to to make them couple cases !

2. Undies

Valentine undies

Because Valentine's day is getting hotter, surprise him with a box of undies!

3. Leather wallet (because having a budget is important)

Valentine wallet You want him to manage his budget better? This would be a perfect idea!

4. Couple rings

couple rings Because you love him so much that you make him yours.

5. Stainless Steel- Leather Bracelet

valentines bracelet

This is to make sure bae look 300% more fashionable than he already is.

6. Fitbit Flex 2


You love it when he is sporty? This wristband is perf, and waterproof too!

7. Instax mini 90

instax mini

Give him the best tool to take beautiful photos of You. We mean, you two <3

8. Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged


Because you are an awesome girlfriend and you know he will totally love these!

9. New watch band

watch band

A new band for his beloved watch proves just how prettay much you care!

10. Or Valentine's at home: Netflix and chill


Or everything he wanted is probably just a movie, pizza and plenty of snuggling. Do not forget the Valentine's mood to make your day sweeter than ever!

Yes, there are ways to express your love to bae without having to breakup with your paycheck. Check your budget (once again) to decide the best gift you can afford for bae.