We often spend about at least 2% of our budget each year on clothes. Although it might not be the biggest money we have spent our money on, it still costs us over a hundred dollars each month that maybe we should cut back.

Here are 15 tips you ought to know in order to make the most of every dollar you spend on clothes! Let’s save more money while still be the coolest!

1. Buy out of season

We usually buy pre-season. However, buying for what is coming next costs us the maximum retail price. When it is summer, shop for the winter. Get the best price by buying for what is not happening.

2. Pay with cash

Leave your credit cards at home, take enough money with you. Furthermore, paying the actual dollar makes you feel more real than swiping the plastic card. Taking only enough cash with you will set a limit of how much you can buy. This is the best way to avoid paying more than what you have.

3. Make a list

Take a look at your closet and note down what you have. Decide what you need to replace and what you need to buy then turn them into a list.
Take your list with you and do not forget to create a budget for each time you go shopping. Set an amount of money you want to spend and do not go beyond that amount.
Tip: You can use Money Lover to create your budget. It will send you notification when you are about to reach your limit.

4. Rent one-time outfit

rent one-time outfit

If you are looking for a prom dress, rent it instead of buying. Do not buy the clothes you only wear once. Save more by buying less.

5. Find your three reasons

If you are about to buy a cute shirt, find your three reasons why you should buy it. For example, do you have any items that will go with this shirt, do you have the place to keep it, when can you wear it? If you cannot find your reasons, do not buy.

6. Be smart with flash sales

Although the flash sales often offer good prices, the “limited time” the sites set is to trigger impulsive buying. You might mistake this is a good deal to buy a dress which you are hardly going to wear. You might think there are only a few of them and you only have a few minutes to buy. In the heat of flash sales, it will be hard to make wise decision. Remember that there are reasons for some items to be up on a sale site.

7. Buy secondhand

Shopping at a thrift store can be super fun. Used items are often much cheaper than new ones. You might be amazed with what you find especially when you shop at thrift stores in wealthy areas. Rich people sell their clothes too!

8. Listen to your own music can save money

Create your mix of upbeat songs. Stores always choose music with slower tempo to slow down your moves. Retailers have designed music to make customers feel happy and relaxed so they will spend more time to buy more. That is why sometimes you cannot find a clock in stores.

9. Be patient, wait for a month

What would you do if you came across a perfect dress? Just walk away and wait for a month. After that time, if you still think about that dress and have every reason to have it, go for it.
During a month, the price of the dress may be reduced, you may find out you do not want that dress anymore or simply you just forget about it.

10. Buy clothes that fit you now

Do not buy a pair of jeans which will look perfect when you go on a diet. Do not go shopping for a life you imagine about. Buy what fit you now, what you can wear to school or a normal day out with friends instead of a dream vacation you can hardly make it come true. Plus, buying what fits you will help you save money. You will not have to replace it later or take it to a tailor to fix.

11. Choose timeless

Ask yourself this question: Can I wear this often and years from now? A pair of blue jeans will always be a good choice. The more timeless items you have, the more you money you save.

12. Avoid the trend

avoid the trend

One thing to remember: never buy a trendy item that does not look good on you. It might make you look trendy but it is possible that you will not wear it again once the trend is over. You can have your own style and stick to it so you will never have to follow any trends.

13. Have one good swim suit

Cheap swimsuit often lasts for only a short period of time, which will cost you more in the long run. Instead, have yourself a well-made swimsuit and take really good care of it. A good swimsuit with good care will last for at least three years.

14. Remember the two outfit rule

Wondering if you should buy this shirt? This will look so good on you, but do you have at least two items to go with it? If the answer is no, do not buy it. Avoid leaving clothes unworn to save money.

15. Fix your clothes

fix your clothes

You should always take good care of your clothes. Learn to sew a button in case it falls off. Save your favorite sweater by having an electric shaver to remove the fuzz.
Also, wire hangers will ruin the shape of your clothes. You might not need to buy expensive hangers as plastic ones will do well.

It is not that hard, being fashionable while still on a budget. Keep these 15 tips in mind to save more money.

If you have tried any of these tips, comment below to share your story!