The cost of a hotel stay is almost as confusing as the cost of a hospital stay.

the skill of personal finance to deal with cost of living
You might be lose money for the service you don't know

That’s because you often don’t know the actual price until you’re staring at your bill in horror: $10 water, $20 Wi-Fi and a $50 resort fee! And you only stayed two nights!

1. Parking

Certain hotel chains are great about free parking. Others? Not so much. The cost of parking can run $25 a night or more—even for self-parking. This isn’t always clear when you make a reservation, so be sure to call and ask.

2. Housekeeping

the skill of personal finance to deal with cost of living

Be appreciative and leave a couple bucks per night or leave a note that you don’t need your room cleaned daily. Either way, budget for a little something at the end of your stay.

3. Restaurants

Hotel restaurants usually have subpar food and overpriced menus. But they have a captive audience, so they can charge whatever they want. Find a local dive around the corner and immerse yourself in the culture for a lot less cash.

4. Room Service

You’re paying for convenience. And the cost is high. In New York City, for example, the average cost of a club sandwich is $24! Then there’s the tip, which is usually tacked on at 20%. If you must order from the hotel, go downstairs, order your food, and wait until it’s ready. This can save you a bundle.

5. Water and Coffee

the skill of personal finance to deal with cost of living
A cup of coffee sometimes take you more money than you thought

Many hotels offer a certain number of complimentary bottles of water or K-cups. But here’s the tricky part: They put extras in your room that aren’t free. Read labels carefully to see how many drinks you’re allowed.

6. Refrigerators and Safes

Are you a new mom who needs a refrigerator in your room? Do you want to lock up your valuables at night? In-room refrigerators and safe are usually available upon request—and for a price. Call and ask about this before you go, then budget for the fee.

7. Resort Fees

The resort fee is probably the most hated fee of them all. What does it even cover? It’s free money for the hotel, so don’t expect them to waive the fee for you. If your hotel has the word resort in the name, that’s a signal you’ll be paying more. Make sure the amenities are actually worth it to you.

8. Late Checkout

You’re a valued guest—until it’s time for you to leave. Checkout times differ by hotel, so be aware if you need to be out at 11 a.m. or noon. If not, you’ll pay more. If you know you’ll need more time, ask the front desk. They may be able to work around you for an hour or so. But don’t assume!

Hotels are expensive enough, so don’t tack an extra $20 or $50 to your tab without budgeting for it! Pick the hotel you can pay for. That way, you’ll leave calm and rested, not angry and asking to speak with a manager.