What's factor when using money manager and budget app? Easy-to-use, Beautiful design, Smart or Multiple Device supported?

One considerable thing is "keeping your data in a safe place" because we understand that's your sensitive and important information.

Previously, we both support 2 ways of backup: Backup and save file in local storage or Cloud Syncing.

I think you might have experience Cloud service with Google Drive or Drop Box, those services help you keep your file including music, picture, document or even budget spreadsheet online.

Let's take a look the advantages of Cloud Syncing:

  • It's automatic totally. It happens every time you connect to the Internet with light speed, I mean very fast. No more going to Setting to create backup file.

  • Access from any device you login. You change phone, hard reset or lose it, no problem. You have more than 1 device, including phone, PC and tablet, that's awesome because you can login and see your money, budget from any device.

  • It's safe. No one can access to your data except you. In case you lose your phone, you can login on other device to remove the lost one or change the password. You are able to delete your data on cloud any time, just delete the wallet.

We found that local backup file is not necessary when cloud technology is now better and more reliable than years before. One more point that sometimes local backup task caused bugs that affected to user experience and syncing performance.

So, from now, we no longer support local backup file, and we have plan to do it on iOS in the future.