What's budget? It's is simple plan to spend money. For example, you plan to spend only $600 for food this month [ in order to save money for a new phone].

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After using Money Lover to keep track of your spending and income for a while, you are able to understand more bout your spending behavior. For example, how much you spent for Food, Transportation and Bills last month.

Based on such information, you can create budgets accordingly to determine how much you want to allocate to each category every week or month.

Create a budget

On Android and Windows devices, you go to ≡ (left menu), select Budget, then tap to Plus button.

On iOS devices, go to Planning on the Tab bar, select Budget, then tap to Add (top right of screen).

You need to determine:

1 Category: All categories or specific one.
2 Goal: How much you may want to spend?
3 Time: month/ quarter/ year or custom range?

Tap DONE to finish.

create budget

Take a look at this video to see how to create a budget

How it works

Money Lover budget is simple report of your spending on each category. So when you reach 50, 80, 100 percent or overspend, the application will notice you to keep you stay updated on how much you spent.

review budget


How many budget that I can create?

Basic users are able to create only one budget for each wallet. Premium users can create as many budget as they want such as All categories, Food & Beverage, Shopping, etc.

Could I delete the wallet or edit it?

Yes, it's simple report of your spending. You can create another for other category or other month.

Do budgets sync across devices and platform?

Of course, like your transactions, budgets sync across all your devices you have.

I always overspend every month, what should I do?

Well, create proper budgets that you can stick with and review your spending frequently to have adjustment.

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