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Have you ever been curious how much a normal person like us spends? If yes, let’s dig into an exciting story as follows.

This time, we’ve got Maya, a diligent user from Vietnam who took the time to track her money flow. By reading her spending & budgeting report during the first half of the year, you may discover how Money Lover could assist Maya as well as us, make positive changes in our financial life.


A typical spending during 6 months of a Vietnamese person with the average income from 10-15m VND/month (~ $500 - $700/month).

Discovering Spending Patterns: Maya's financial reports for the first six months of 2023 revealed something interesting. She noticed that she spent a lot on "Fun Money." After thinking it over, Maya realized she could reassess her priorities and consider putting more money into more important areas like Education or Medical Check-ups, aligning her spending with her long-term goals.


Maya thought she should’ve spent less on Fun Money, which was merely for entertainment.

Setting Smart Budgets: Using Money Lover's "budgets" feature, Maya set monthly spending limits for things like Food & Beverage and Clothing. While she may have gone a bit over budget on food (oops!), Maya successfully controlled her clothing expenses and even had 200k VND left over. By comparing her actual spending to her budgets, Maya became more aware of her spending habits and started making wiser choices.


While Maya went over a bit in terms of Food & Beverage, she controlled herself in buying new clothes, so that she didn’t cross the line.

Tracking Goals: Maya had a dream of going on an incredible trip to Japan next year, which would cost 50,000k VND. To make this dream a reality, she created a special "Saving Wallet" with Money Lover's goal-setting feature. So far, Maya has reached 26% of her savings goal. This means she’s still had a long way to go. However, with a financial tracking app like Money Lover, she can keep an eye on her progress and adjust her spending habits to stay on track for the rest of 2023.


With a trip worth 50,000k VND ( ~ $2200), Maya needs to cut back on some expenses more and focus on saving, if she wants to reach the remaining 74% saving goal.

🌟Note: To view customized report like Maya, you can refer to the image below:


Maya's story shows how Money Lover empowers users to be mindful of their spending habits and make positive changes. With detailed reports, smart budgets, and goal tracking, Maya gained a better understanding of her finances and made informed decisions to align her spending with her dreams.

What about you? Have you achieved your savings goals this year? Is there something you want to cut back on or prioritize? Come on board this journey of financial empowerment and let's celebrate milestones together, with Money Lover.