iOS 11 is a gain update for Apple's devices including new exciting features. Apple also bring us a new beautiful looks on their latest ios version.

Let's see which improvements we made for Money Lover on iOS.

New Skin Color

Did you notice the different? We designed Money Lover which aligns with Apple style.

Money Lover on iPhone Our iOS team has been working hard since 2015 to re-build iOS version. Remember our old one? It's now more advanced than before.

Money Lover expense report on iPhone

Money Lover on iPad We have customized a version for iPad. It fits larger screens as you see below.

Money Lover Expense Budget Planner - ios 11 tablet.

Share report

Want to share expense & income reports with your family members, friends? You do not need to export CSV file, you now can generate reports and share. It's simple like hit a button.

To share reports, you go to Report Tab and hit the green button at the top right of the screen.

Share your money report

New Appstore

Apple's new Appstore is awesome. We love it and re-designed screenshots which are now more beautiful and creative. Check Money Lover on AppStore

Have you updated to iOS 11 to see brand new @AppStore? Our product page is awesome with better look. Check it out! #newAppStore

— Money Lover (@moneyloverapp) September 21, 2017

Money Lover new store

Do you love new iOS 11 and Money Lover new look? Please comment below.