From now on, you can better control your money with new features: Announcing balance of bugdet when you add new transaction and automatic connection between 2 wallets

Announcing balance of bugdet

You can easily create a budget, but you can also forget it quickly and continue to over-budgeting. This feature can help you track your budget when you add new transaction. If the transaction is included in many budgets, Money Lover will show all those budgets for you!

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Automatic connection between 2 wallets

In this month's update also has connection between 2 wallets, which many users have waited for so long!

For example, when you transfer money from Bank wallet to Cash wallet, both transactions of transfer and receive will be created. If you delete one transaction, Money Lover will ask whether you want to delete the other.

You don't have to add transaction 2 times or delete it 2 times any more.

The new July update is now on the store! Update your Money Lover rightnow to experience this new interesting features!