1. Create a shortcut to your wallet from Homescreen

To create a shortcut in the Homescreen to your favorite wallet, simply go to your navigation menu, and tap to see the wallet's list. Then, tap the hamburger menu button to see the actions, and select "Add to homescreen".

create shorcut to wallet

With this, you can open your wallet right from your homescreen, and be able to use the app more quickly.

2. Add transactions from status bar

To turn on the option, go to Settings menu, and select "Show wallet on status bar" and then choose the wallet/s that you want to be on the status bar. With this option, you can see the wallet only by swiping down from the top of the screen.

turn on from Settings menu

Then you can tap the Plus icon on the status bar to add a quick transaction to such wallet.
quick add transaction

3. Add transactions from Money Lover Widget

To add Money Lover Widget to your Homescreen, go to the Widget list, and choose between our dark and light widget, select the wallet you want to add.

add widget

The widget will display the current balance of your wallet, so that you know what's left in your pocket to consider before making any purchase. Also, you can add a quick transaction by tapping the small Plus icon in the upper right corner of the widget.
add transaction from widget

4. Set up a Recurring Transactions schedule

You can refer to the detailed guide in this article: How to add frequently incurred transactions automatically to set up a Recurring Transactions schedule.

5. Set up a Bills Manager schedule

You can find the Bills Manager schedule guide in the same article here: How to add frequently incurred transactions automatically

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