Because people hardly reveal their financial status to others, they should hide their Money Lover accounts from other accesses. Therefore, Money Lover has developed a security wall to protect your app.

The video below shows us the way to set up security wall for Money Lover app on your phone.

*Note: fingerprint security is for smartphones which support fingerprint security (for example Iphone7 & Samsung Galaxy S8). Other devices can set up PIN code.

Let's follow these 3 easy steps:

Step by step guideline:

  1. Preparation: You must set up fingerprint security for your phone before!
  2. Open Money lover => Settings => Security
  3. Set up PIN code for Money Lover
  4. Turn on "Use touch ID"
  5. Close app and re-open to experience fingerprint security.

In case you forgot your PIN code, tap More -> Login with Money Lover account -> insert password of Money Lover account