What is Money Insider?

Money Insider is an advanced reporting system for Premium users of Money Lover.

This system is built to provide users with in-depth information about spending trends, helping them easily compare current spending status with previous time frames.

This way, users can understand how they have been spending over the past weeks/months, and if this spending habit has not helped save much, users will need a more optimal plan.

what is money insider

Key features and metrics help you track spending trends easily:

1/ Expense chart

Charts include:

☑️The amount of money spent by the group in the last 6 months or 6 weeks
☑️Correlate spending compared to the set budget level

The chart is in column format, with green columns representing spending within budget, red columns representing spending exceeding budget (or because that month/week you have not set a budget for the group).

expense chart

The increase/decrease of these spending columns according to your budget will give you an initial overview of your spending trends.

If there are a lot of red columns, or the columns tend to go up or have a big difference, that's when you should review your spending history and make adjustments.

2/ "Compared to income" chart

This chart is a line connecting the ratio milestones between the amount of money spent and the total income of the month.

compared to income chart

For example: This month you spend 300$ on food, your total income is 1000$. So your monthly food spending ratio = 300/1000 = 30% of income.

The increase or decrease of this ratio is an indicator that gives you the closest view of monthly spending trends. Because it is still important that you understand how much each of your expenses accounts for compared to your income.

3/ "Projected spending" section

By calculating your daily spending trends, we help you estimate how much you'll spend at the end of the month if you maintain your current spending level.

projected spending

With this index, you can know by the end of the month whether you can spend within your budget or not? What is the specific spending figure?

Thereby, you can cut back if you realize that the expected spending exceeds your estimate.

4/ "Your Expenses" section

This is the section that will detail detailed statistics related to your spending history.

your expenses


☑️How many transactions have you generated during the selected period
☑️The average cost per transaction is three
☑️How much do you spend on average each day?
☑️Compare the spend difference between the current month/week compared to the previous month/week

5/ "Add your wishes" section

Money Insider is a system built by the Money Lover team with the criteria of fully meeting the needs of the user community.

add your wishes

Accordingly, if you have any contributions to help build this system better (for example, adding indicators, suggesting new features,...), we will proceed with ideation and implementation. Build exactly according to that desire.

You can contribute reviews and feature development ideas in the "Add your wishes" section.

6/ About the trial version and monthly subscription

Money Insider is a long-term developed reporting system. With the goal of fully meeting the current and future wishes of Premium users.

After the trial, users can register for monthly use for only $2/month, 12-month package, total $24/year.


For the cost of just a cup of coffee per month, users will own the Money Insider system to help comprehensively track your spending trends, helping you make timely decisions to cut spending, ensuring your goals. own financial expenses. And more than that, it's about contributing and discussing with the team to help us better understand your needs for this system.