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Divide and manage different amounts of money (Wallet)

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Plan your spending within a monthly limit (Budget)

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Statistics of income and expense history for all amounts of money (Report)

Easy division
Comprehensive money management

❓You don’t understand what a wallet is? See now:

Each wallet is created corresponding to one of your money in reality. This money can be in your bank account or in your cash wallet, with different purposes of use.

For example: you divide wallets by where you keep money: 2 bank account and 1 cash wallet, you will create 2 corresponding wallets in the Money Lover app:
✔️ BIDV Wallet - Bank account
✔️ Cash Wallet alt
But if you want to divide wallets by purpose, you can also create wallets as follows:
✔️ General Living Wallet
✔️ Personal Shopping Wallet
✔️ Work Spending Wallet
In addition, if you have savings or credit cards, you can also create more:
✔️ Savings Wallet
✔️ Credit Wallet

Plan your spending within a limit
for each month

❓If you don’t understand what budget and spending group are, refer to:

You can set a limit for each spending group in a month.
For example, the spending limit for one month is set as follows:
✔️ Food: 3,000,000 VND
✔️ Rent: 5,000,000 VND
✔️ Utilities: 1,000,000 VND
✔️ Coffee - Milk tea: 1,000,000 VND
✔️ Hanging out with friends: 2,000,000 VND
✔️ Other shopping: 2,000,000 VND
➡️ Total budget: 14,000,000 VND


The spending group will turn red if you spend more than the specified limit. You will also receive a warning notification for this activity.


Through the above instructions, Money Lover hopes that you can understand and use the Premium features effectively in the 14-day trial period to have the best financial management experience. Please visit the app again and start managing your money right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

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↪ You don’t need to pay any fees to try Money Lover Premium. After the trial period, if you choose to upgrade to Premium, you will need to pay a fee. If not, just skip and continue using the Free version.

↪ You don’t need to provide any information to use the trial version.

↪ The advanced features in the trial version are all the features of Premium, including:
✔️ Add unlimited wallets (basic wallet, credit wallet, savings wallet)
✔️ Add unlimited budgets
✔️ Block ads
✔️ Export to Excel/CSV

↪ Each user will have different ways of managing money effectively. However, you can refer to the following way:

Create multiple basic wallets to control various cash flows of yourself or your family. For example:
✔️ Basic Wallet 01 - Living Expenses
✔️ Basic Wallet 02 - Work Expenses
✔️ Basic Wallet 03 - Money

Create more credit or savings wallets depending on your personal purpose:
✔️ Savings Wallet 01 - Saving for a house
✔️ Savings Wallet 02 - Saving for a car
✔️ Credit Wallet 01 - VCB Credit
✔️ Credit Wallet 02 - VIB Credit

↪ Before creating a budget for each group in the Budget section, you need to make sure that you have all the groups you need. By adding a “new group”, you can add any spending groups that you think need to be measured. For example:
✔️ Coffee money
✔️ Technology shopping money
✔️ Book money

At the same time, delete the default groups that you think you don’t often have spending for. This will make your list of spending groups more tidy.

Finally, add a budget level for each group. Note that for spending groups that repeat monthly, you can check the box “Repeat this budget in the next month” to optimize the setup time.

↪ After the trial period is over, your data will be stored in Money Lover’s data warehouse.
If you choose to upgrade to use the Premium version, you will continue to use the app with all the previous settings.
If you continue to use the Free version, all settings for advanced features will be temporarily locked.