The purpose of using Wallet

The Wallet feature in Money Lover will help you manage multiple amounts of money corresponding to reality.

In reality, when spending, we always divide the total amount of money into different amounts. That money can be different bank accounts, or it can be different spending purposes such as personal spending, family spending, children, …

Wallet in Money Lover is the feature that helps you perform this division & management.

Examples of using Wallet

The way to use Wallet is quite diverse. Many users of Money Lover proactively come up with very creative ways to use it based on their spending management thinking in reality.

You can add multiple wallets corresponding to multiple amounts of money, for example below:


As in the example above, you can see that this user creates 3 wallets corresponding to 3 amounts of money:

  1. Bank account 01
  2. Bank account 02
  3. Cash Wallet

In addition, there are also users who create wallets according to their usage purposes:


According to this thinking, the user has created 3 wallets based on their 3 spending categories in reality:

  1. General Living Wallet
  2. Personal Shopping Wallet
  3. Work Spending Wallet

The common method is to create more wallets based on the amounts of money that have been divided in reality. This way, the spending statistics in a month will be much clearer and more effective.

To create more wallets, you need to upgrade to Money Premium. If you are lucky enough to get a discount of up to 80%, take advantage of it to be able to use Money Lover Premium for life with the best cost!

Let’s start creating more wallets and managing your money!