Nearly million people search about Budget a month. So it's definitely a big problem with lots of people. Like lots of people, you need budget app, not complicated spreadsheet.

Budget is painful

Forget budget template, please!

Lots of people find budget spreadsheet is solution for their money problem. I found some popular budget templates on Microsoft Office site, and I said: OMG, it's 90s. See example below:

Budget template

We definitely need something better, smarter and sexier. And I believe Money Lover is the budgeting app that you're looking for.

Take advantage of budgeting app

I will list some points to shows Money Lover is better than old-fashioned templates

budgeting app

You don't need a PC: You have to have a computer with Excel handle with budget spreadsheet, it's too complicated. With Money Lover, a smartphone is enough.

Super Easy-to-read reports: no more excel formula needed, Money Love visualizes your spending history to help you analyze budgets. It's very simple to see how much you've spent, and remaining amount of each budget.

Manage money like a Boss: You set up budgets one time and Money Lover will take care of them: track, analyze, remind and predict. It's like your personal assistant, right?

Want to better control your money? Want to save more money for future. Let's start budgets with Money Lover.

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Video: Manage Budgets With Money Lover