Linked Wallet, one of the most favorited features of Money Lover, which helps people better manage their money by automatic updating from customer's bank accounts. 50,000+ people across worldwide are using it to track their expense and control budgets.

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About Linked Wallet - Bank Feed

Linked Wallet is created after you connect your Money Lover wallet to Bank account. After successfully connected, all of your banking transactions will be recorded automatically into Money Lover wallet. You can easy track your income and expenses, review monthly charts without record expenditures by hand.

Linked Wallet introduction video

List of Australian Bank

Money Lover is now supporting 6 banks in Australia. We will continue expanding this list in the future:

AMP Bank
ANZ Bank
Bank West
CBA Bank
Macquarie Bank
Westpac Bank

Bank Feed of Australia Bank

Money Lover uses Finsify Bank Feed to make connection with your online banking account. Your information is encrypted with RSA 1024 bit, and we only access with Read-Only Mode. See how it works here.

First comes, first serves - Start linking to Australian banks rightnow and experience the best services and the best caring from Money Lover Team!

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